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Experiencing life in the present moment is essential for you to garner the full potential of your life experience. One who captures the now is able to connect to the world around them vastly deeper than one who does not. You will be able to see things you’ve missed a thousand more times. Hear sounds that speak to your deepest core. Connect with your inner most self and the selves around you, forming a social rhizome through out your own personal environment. 


‘Present Moment’ exposes the importance of experiencing life through the “now”. The flamingos in this painting are blindly going through the motions of their day, unaware that the water under their bodies is rising. Yet, they continue on. Death is a certainty if they do not become aware of their present moment.  



Acrylic on wood panel 

27 1/2" x 23 1/2"

Ima No Shunkan (Present Moment)

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